Monday, 6 April 2015

Computer Error

If you are seeing this message, I wasn't able to get my usual computer working in time for Monday's post. That's where I have all my image files related to this blog, and it's the one connected to my scanner, so if that computer fails, I have to wait to update until I can get hold of a scanner connected to a different computer.

If I haven't worked something out by Thursday, I guess we'll have April NaNoWriMo. I pre-created and set up a few story prompts with the intent of publishing them in November, but in the interest of continuing to add content to my site, I can post them early to buy some time while sorting out the hardware situation.

It's an older computer. It started being really slow near the end of March, then started abruptly powering down while in use, then somehow stopped being able to respond to the keyboard. My parents are thinking about replacing it.

I don't really want to leave you guys without a tutorial ...

Want to read about the prank I pulled on April Fools' Day?

I live with my parents still, but I pay monthly room and board. It's a lot less expensive than being out on my own. Mom and Dad put the money in a savings account for me to use for university or home-setup once I move out, or technically whatever I want, but I don't get the money back until after I move out. (I'm not the only one of my siblings to get this deal.)

Anyway, I pay with a cheque given to my parents on the first of the month. This month, I put the cheque in an envelope, along with a bunch of newspaper strips. I wrote on the front of the envelope that I had decided to pay room and board in cash this month. On the inner flap of the envelope (the thing you open to insert or remove the contents), I wrote 'April Fools!' I left it on the table so they'd see it first thing when they woke up.

Mom says she fell for it!

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