Monday, 16 March 2015

Cinderella Dressed In ... Overalls

Do not feel bad if you do not read that giant block of text. I did not realize, until I started making the list of 'versions of Cinderella I own', just how many entries would be on it. And then I figured, since it was so long already, I might as well include summaries and opinions and versions of Cinderella that I knew but did not have in my possession.

Also, I realized after the fact that I had forgotten three Cinderella stories I have - Wyrd Sisters (Terry Pratchett; fairy godmother is the villain; three witches go on a quest to prevent a servant girl marrying a prince), Unlocking the Spell (E. D. Baker; the protagonists are Prince Charming's cousins and they pass through the ball on their way elsewhere), and Shrek. (Cinderella isn't plot-relevant to Shrek, but she's a throwaway reference in the first and second movies and a minor character in the third one.) So I actually have 18 versions.

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