Saturday, 13 September 2014

Error notice

While trying to correct a typographic error in earlier posts, they were accidentally switched and republished in the wrong order, and I can't figure out how it happened or how to fix it. For the record, the order is supposed to be: necklace fitting, pants making, pants fitting; not, as it is, pants fitting, pants making, necklace fitting. The original publication dates, over the course of a three day period, have also been lost, suggesting they were all published in the same day. I will continue to try to correct this without deleting them, and in the meanwhile, anyone following this blog may recieve multiple updates from the same post. Maybe it's the tiny perfectionist in me, but this is really, really aggravating, since there was a reason I published them in the order I did and now they are all scambled up!
[Edit] I've decided - fairly quickly, I admit - to give up on fixing this, because it doesn't seem I can correct the order without outright deleting the posts and I don't want to loose my stats.
[Secondary edit] While arranging the schedule for future updates, so they would appear on a timer, it occured to me to check if such a thing existed on the posts that were already published. The error has been corrected, but this notice will stay up to explain if someone comes looking for why they got a bunch of update notices when there were only five posts on the whole blog.

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